White Rock Lake - Stone Tables

Hole 1 - 305' You have to choose a right or left line. The left line has a 20' ceiling, the right 
         line has a bushy tree trunk about 60' out. The basket is less than 20' from the creek and 
         the right line leaves you putting toward the creek if you are short, skipping into the 
         creek if you are long.

Hole 2 - 405' but hidden from view on the tee by a huge tree trunk you have to go around. The basket 
         is closely guarded by a semicircle of trees if the approach goes long.

Hole 3 - 354' A longer version of the traditional hole to the corner with less hook at the end. A 
         wide fairway with a high ceiling between the trunks of tall trees with the basket tucked 
         between a large tree on the right and thick woods on the left. The hole looks to bend to 
         the left, but has room for the lefty hyzer too.

Hole 4 - 249' The first of the ace runs tees from across the ditch and is well protected long and left. 
         You want to be short and right or long on this hole if you miss the ace.

Hole 5 - 537' The long shot up to the corner is not an option for us this time. Instead we cross the 
         street and tee beneath the canopy of the only large tree in the area. The drive is somewhat 
         restricted leaving an approach that depends on how well you deal with the tree at the tee. 

Hole 6 - 320' nice short straight hole over a raised manhole cover, under a large lateral branch 
         about 50' from the target. Get past both and you are looking at a birdie.

Hole 7 - 300' The traditional end of the line hole on this side, It plays from the road across the 
         mowed grass to the woods with only two large tree trunks guarding the basket. The hole had 
         been placed into the woods in the past, but is in the short grass this year. The basket is 
         backed up right against the treeline, so shots that go long may not have a putt back to the 

Hole 8 - 370' The infamous false corner. From the fairway, the treeline appears to stop about 20' 
         short of where it really ends. A lot of discs end up in the schule 20' short of the corner.

Hole 9 - 714' This hole will have distance markers to measure your drives. It is the only hole on the 
         course where you can let it all go without too much worry of getting into trouble. Every 
         course needs a driving range hole where you only need to worry about distance, 9 is that hole 
         on this course.

Hole 10 - 240' The second ace run hole, but this time the trouble is at the early part of the hole. 
          The ground rises from the tee box before dropping off to the basket, but the trees add a low 
          ceiling choking off the safe routes to the basket.

Hole 11 - 393' looks like 360 from the tee. You can not see the basket if you are short and left. All 
          utility poles along Buckner are mandatories to the inside of the park.

Hole 12 - 357' uphill with the trees funneling you right to the basket. What could go wrong here?

Hole 13 - 206' the shortest hole on the course, downhill, nothing too close to the basket, just have 
          to get past the two trees that frame the line off the tee.

Hole 14 - 423' A straight drive has no worries, both right and left hand hyzer lines have some trees 
          to stay clear of. The approach is through a maze of old growth tree trunks. There should be an 
          easy line to the basket from up close, but a bad drive takes a lucky shot to get through clean.

Hole 15 - 459' A long slowly fading righty hyzer line. A wide fairway and a clear approach to the basket. 
          This is a big arm hole.

Hole 16 - 348' with all of the trees in the last half of the hole. Just keep telling yourself "there 
          are no trees". All of the Concrete bollards along the street are mandatories to the left. 

Hole 17 - 840' yes, 840'. But there is a method to the madness. The first drive is the key to the hole. 
          The drive needs to reach the clear air out of the trees on the left side of the fairway, but 
          also needs to carry over 300' toward the basket for the second shot be close enough to leave 
          an easy approach. The problem is the large tree on the left about 250' from the tee. A long, 
          flat, right to left shot through the trees can get you where you need to be for the second shot, 
          but it is not guaranteed when you are throwing at full strength. All of the Concrete bollards 
          along the street are mandatories to the left. 

Hole 18 - 222' walking from 17's basket to 18's tee you have no idea where the basket is going to be, 
          but when you stand on the tee, there is the basket just across the reeds and beyond the short 
          cypress. There is water very short, right, and long. The shot is easier than it looks, 
          but it looks really nice.

Hole 19 - 471' with a big tree just in the wrong spot 2/3s of the way to the basket. Get past the tree 
          and you have a routine hole, hit the tree and things get interesting.

Hole 20 - 380' a narrow fairway with the basket on the right may have a lot of discs getting off the 
          fairway and into the thick schule on the right side, but leaving the fairway to the left may 
          not be much better(though it is mowed). 350' down the middle leaves  a long putt for a birdie.

Hole 21 - 300' standing on the tee, half of your view looking toward the basket is water. The water should 
          not come into play here, but it does come into your mind.